Pedigrees of Black Beans
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B-190 Mex 309/50600
Black Magic NEP-2/Black Turtle Soup
Black Turtle Soup very old variety which probably originated in the lowlands of South America
CNC Compuesto Negro Chimaltenango, composite of Guatemalan black beans
Domino NEP-2/Black Turtle Soup
Ebony Calproof #38/UI 35
ICA-Pijao an improved black bean released by ICA
Jamapa local bean from Jamapa, Veracruz, Mexico
La Vega a tropical, multiple disease resistant black bean
Loop plant selection from Black Turtle Soup
Michoacan 68-B-1 selection from field collection Michoacan 68
Midnight bulk of composite NY lines 70001, 70002, 70003
Rico selection from Costa Rican landrace "chimbolo" exhibiting short, upright stature
Rico-23 selection from Rico
San Fernando selection from local El Salvadoran black bean cultivars
2B-5-1 (La Vega/15R-55)/2/(Mex 309/La Vega)
50600 tropical black bean