Pedigrees of Navy, Small White and Pea Beans
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Agri-I Upland*8/Upland/PI 326418
Albion Seafarer/Turkish White
Aurora Black Turtle Soup/Cornell 49-242
Bonita 12 generation selection of native strain
Suncrest Seafarer/Crestwood
C-20 Jamapa/NEP-2/2/73130-E2-B
Calproof 38 small flat bean with BCMV resistance
Centralia Ex-Rico 23 BC6-Are/Harokent
Clipper Burbank/Beauty
Crawford old navy bean variety
Crestwood Ex Rico 23*3/Ex Rico 23/PI 326418
Criolla Bonita/Sel. 210 of SE U.S. Veg. Br. Lab.
CSW-73-11 CSW #53*3/CSW #53/Meader #1
Dresden Fleetwood*3/Fleetwood/PI 326418
Early Prolific pure line derived from a land race
Ex-Rico 23 BC6 are Ex-Rico 23*6/Ex-Rico 23/PI 326418
Fleetwood Sanilac/California Small White
Gratiot Sanilac*5/Michelite Bush X-Ray/1/B1788
Harkell Monroe/4411-88C
Harofleet Fleetwood*6/Fleetwood/PI 326418
Harokent Kentwood*6/Kentwood/PI 326418
Hyden Aurora/Pinto UI 114
Kentwood Sanilac/Clipper
ICA-Bunsi Magdalena/Japon 3
L-226-10 MSU N80051/MSU N81009
L-227-1 MSU N80051/MSU X80101
Laker ICA-Pijao/NEP-2/2/73130-E2-B
Mayflower MSU N80043/C-20
Meader #1 CSW #53/Prestige #1
Michelite Robust/Early Prolific
Michelite-62 selection from Michelite; resistant to common Mosaic virus race 1
Midland Seafarer/2/Seafarer/California Small White
Miluno small, early-maturing Chilean white bean
Mitchell Seafarer/Tuscola
Monroe GN UI 1/Michelite
MSU N76012 NEP-2/Black Turtle Soup
MSU N80051 MSU N76012/2/MSU N76012/2B-5-1
MSU x80101 W-18/Kentwood/2/ICA-Bunsi/NEP-2
MSU N81009 ICA-Bunsi/NEP-2
NEP-2 white-seeded bush derived from San Fernando through mutagenesis; carries the I gene
Northland Bunsi/Seafarer
NW 395 Miluno/T-I-2204
OAC Rico Ex-Rico 23*6/Ex-Rico 23/Narda
OAC Seaforth Seafarer*6/Seafarer/PI 326418
Pulsar Calproof 38/Red Mexican UI 34
Refusee Robust/Crawford
Robust Indian landrace; selection for resistance to BCMV
Sanilac X-Ray mutant out of Michelite
Seafare Michelite X-ray mutant/3/Emerson/2/(Michelite/Trag)/(Michelite/Florida)
Seaway Michelite X-ray mutant*5/Topcrop
Stinger ICA-Bunsi/Seafarer
Swan Valley NEP-2/Black Turtle Soup
Tuscola pure line of 4th intercross generation of a 10 X 10 diallel involving two navy bean varieties and eight experimental true breeding navy bean selections as parents
UI 2976 PI 282057/Idaho Ex. Line 4792
UI 2076 Aurora/UI 76
Wesland Kentwood/2/Seafarer/California Small White
2W-33-2 Bonita/2/Bonita/La Vega