Pedigrees of Pinto Beans
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Bel 4-844 Fiesta/3/Fiesta/2/(Olathe)*2/Olathe/1/CNC
Bel 4-2537 (Fiesta)*2/Fiesta/2/(Olathe)*2/Olathe/1/CNC
Beldak RR-1 Bel 4-844/3/Bel-4-844/2/Olathe/Mex 235/4/Bel 4-2537
Beldak RR-2 Bel 4-844/3/Bel-4-844/2/Olathe/Mex 235/4/Bel 4-2537
Bill Z 3526/Gloria
Cahone 3526/Yellow Jacket
Columbia US Pinto #5/GN UI 123/2/UI 78
Common Pinto land race of pinto
Fiesta UI 111/2/a Great Northern cultivar/UI 111
gh 196-2 UI 114/2/UI 114/PI 203598/3/UI 114/4/UI 35/PI 203598/5/red-seeded early maturing Japanese bush bean (name unknown)
Holberg Viva/Pinto 5R-568
JM-126 NW 410/2/NEP 2/NW 410
Luna a cross among Golden Gate Wax, UI 123, Pinto Sel. 4, UI 78
Navajo USDA 2207/NM 56-778
NW-410 Sutter Pink/Pinto UI 114
Nodak Red Mex. UI 35/2/Red Mex. UI 35/PI 203958/3/Royal Red Kidney/4/GN 1140 (F5)
NW-590 Red Mex. UI 35/2/PI 203958/Red Mex. UI 35/3/Pinto UI 114
Olathe B23/5958-B-1
Ourary (Sanilac/UI 111)/4/Dark Red Kidney/3/Pinto #4/4500/2/Pinto #5
Othello NW-410/2/Victor/Aurora
Pindak red-seeded Japanese bush bean (name lost)/3/UI 114/1/PI 203958/2/UI 114
Pinto #4 #780/Idaho Pinto
Pinto #5 #780/Idaho Pinto
Pinto 5R-568 (UI 114)*2/PI 203958
RS 101 single plant mutant found in Olathe; appears to be like CSU 81-12034
UI 72 Red Mex. UI 34/common Pinto
UI 78 Red Mex. UI 34/common Pinto
UI 111 Red Mex. UI 34/common Pinto
UI 114 UI 111/GN J-378
UI 126 R764/UI 114
UI 129 volunteer selection from a previous year's breeding nursery
Wyo 167 Wyo 166/UI 114
3526 A56244-39/UI 111/A56244-8
4500 Pinto #4/3/Golden Gate Wax/2/Idaho Pinto/Pinto #5
5958-B-1 Dark Red Kidney/3/UI 78/2/UI 78/4500