Pedigrees of Red Kidney Beans
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B23 USDA strain
Cal. Dark Red Kidney Michigan Dark Red Kidney/Maui Red Kidney
Cal. Dark Red Kidney 82 7756/2602
Cal. Early Dark Red Kidney Sacramento/2602
Cal. Light Red Kidney old landrace of kidney
Charlevoix Dark Red Kidney/Brazilian Red Kidney
Dark Red Kidney old variety from Michigan
Isabella Redkloud/Mecosta
Karniakin Red Kidney Royal Red Kidney/Redkote
K-59 Red Kidney Mecosta/2/Royal Red Kidney/Redkote
Lark bulk of 12 selections out of Redkloud
Lassen white-seeded mutants of Sacramento
Linden Red Kidney/RedKote
Maui large, late, high producing bush type from Hawaii
Montcalm Great Northern #1/Dark Red Kidney
Red Kidney an apparent South American variety known before 1857
Red Kidney M Red Kidney/RedKote
Redkloud early maturing selection from California Light Red Kidney
RedKote a light red kidney resistant to BCMV
Royal Red Kidney Dark Red Kidney/2/Dark Red Kidney/Curly top res. bush
Sacramento selection from California Light Red Kidney
3M-152Michoacan 68-B-1/27-R
2602 Red Kidney/RedKote
7756 RedKote/Red Kidney/2/California Dark Red Kidney/3/RedKote